On-farm dog control

Uncontrolled or unsupervised dogs are a sheep measles risk if they scavenge on dead sheep who may be infected with the sheep measles. If they continue to roam they will contaminate sheep pastures. Dogs do not respect boundary fences and a stray dog has the potential to infect many surrounding properties. Recommendations to assist with effective dog control include:

Remember all dogs require quality exercise every day whether working or not. Therefore at all times when they are running free they should be under direct supervision to make sure they cannot scavenge sheep or goat carcasses.

  • Restrain or tie up dogs when they are not working or exercising under direct supervision.
  • Attaching short restraining chains to the collar while out working. This allows any dogs that is inclined to wander when not in use to be chained to a suitable object .
  • Feed dogs regularly (at least daily) to help prevent scavenging.
  • Don’t leave unattended dogs free to roam.

Dog with short restraining chain for tieing up when not in use