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This website is designed to provide information and advice on reducing the risk from sheep measles to sheep and goats. It also contains information for dog owners on how they can prevent their dogs spreading the eggs of Taenia ovis.

The Ovis Management Ltd 2018 Annual Report

Sheep Measles Lifecycle

Sheep ingest tapeworm eggs from the pasture, these eggs can survive on pasture for up to six months but most eggs are no longer viable at four months, length of egg survival is highly dependant on the...

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Dog Treatments/Dosing

Of all the control measures for prevention of sheep measles regular dog treatment is the most reliable and the most simple (and probably the cheapest) measure to implement. Dog treatments and dosing s...

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Safe Feeding of Meat

Because sheep of all ages can be infected with sheep measles cysts, all sheep (and goat) meat should be treated before feeding to dogs. Sheep meat treatment can be done in one of two ways - by freezin...

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