Why Should Farmers Care About Sheep Measles?

Whilst currently New Zealand has relatively low levels of sheep measles, an outbreak can cause a lot of damage in an otherwise healthy stock.  At the meatworks, this then results in downgrading or in extreme cases condemning of sheep or lamb carcasses.  So, there are real financial costs, for you, the farmer.

Many other countries have much less-effective sheep measles management, and this sees an opportunity for New Zealand’s “clean” sheep to be seen as superior by the consumer.

Code of Practice

Code of Practice

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Reducing the Risk of Sheep Measles

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of sheep measles on your farm. Use all of these to maximise protection and reduce the risk of infection occurring.

They include: Dog Dosing | Safe Dog Feeding | Home Killing | Disposal of Dead Stock | On Farm Dog Control | Foreign Dogs | Store Lamb

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