Visiting Dogs

Every dollar spent on on-farm control is at risk every time a foreign dog comes onto your property.
In particular dogs from other sheep farms.

“Foreign dogs” include any that you do not know the status of, in relation to sheep measles dosing.

They include dogs belonging to:

  • pig or duck hunters
  • stock agents
  • lamb drafters
  • truck operators
  • dipping contractors
  • shearers
  • casual workers
  • musterers
  • neighbours
  • relatives
  • ‘Horse & Hounds’, ‘Dog Trial’ entrants, or any other such club accessing your land
  • or any other visitor with a dog
  • No dog should be allowed onto your farm unless the owner is able to produce some evidence of treatment e.g. a “certificate of treatment”.
  • This should include the following information: dog owner’s name and address; details of all dogs treated (name, breed, colour, age and sex); number of tablets given; treatment date; the signature of the Veterinarian, nurse, or accredited doser.
  • Certificates should be valid for a period of one calendar month from the date of the last treatment.

Purchased Dogs

  • Request that new dogs have a current certificate or are treated with a Praziquantel drug at least 48 hours prior to coming onto your land.
  • If new dogs enter property without being treated beforehand, they should be dosed and quarantined for at least 48 hours, and all faeces buried or destroyed.