Foreign dogs

Foreign or external dogs pose a risk to any on- farm programme in place. Unless you are aware of their status in relations to Sheep Measles treatment all foreign dog should be deterred or the person in control required to show some evidence of treatment for sheep measles.
This includes dogs with all;

  • Family members
  • Neighbours
  • Contractors
  • Hunters

No dog should be allowed onto any sheep pasture unless the person in control is able to produce some evidence of treatment. It is recommend that evidence such as a certificate of treatment should include the following information

  1. Dog owners name and address.
  2. The details of all dogs treated (name, breed, colour, age and sex.)
  3. Number of tablets given.
  4. Treatment date should also be clearly shown.
  5. The signature of the Veterinarian or credible animal health advisor.

Certificates should be valid for a period of one calendar month from the date of the last treatment.

Recommended Policy – No evidence of treatment No access to property.