Some farmers are reluctant to kill “dog tuckers” in a killing house but as sheep of all ages can be infected with Sheep Measles, it is important to use a secure dog proof site for slaughter – this includes sheep, mutton & goat.

  • All home killing facilities must be dog proof (for both dog tucker (or food) & human consumption).
  • Make sure gates or doors are kept closed.
  • If the floor is non-absorbent, all effluent should be drained into a dog-proof sump.
  • Ensure that sheepskins are not left where dogs can get at them as attached scraps of meat could contain infective cysts.
  • Do not allow dogs access to untreated sheep heads – cheek & tongue muscles are common sites for infection. Dispose of these as offal or freeze/cook before feeding to dogs.

Offal Disposal

  • Transport offal in leak-proof containers with lids. Once offal disposal is complete, wash offal containers thoroughly and store.
  • Offal pits should have a dog-proof lid to prevent stray dogs gaining access.
  • If offal is buried other than in a specific offal pit, ensure it is well covered and cannot be dug up by dogs.
  • If burning, do this in a dog proof area, as offal/carcasses are often stockpiled before being burnt.