Home killing

Home killing of stock is common on many farm properties to provide meat for human consumption on farm as well as for dog food. To prevent dogs gaining access to raw sheep meat or offal at the killing site, these procedures should be followed:

Home killing facilities

  • All home killing facilities must be dog proof.
  • Make sure the gates or doors are kept closed. Doors should be self closing.
  • Where the floor is non-absorbent, all effluent should be drained into a dog-proof sump.
  • Ensure all killing is carried out within the site. Some farmers are reluctant to kill “dog tuckers” in a killing house but as sheep of all ages can be infected with C.ovis cysts it’s important to use a secure dog proof site for slaughter.
  • Ensure that sheepskins are not left where dogs can get at them.
  • Do not allow dogs access to untreated sheep heads as cheek and tongue muscles are common sites for C.ovis infection. Dispose of these as offal.

Mutton Cutting Up Site.

  • Sheep carcasses should be cut up in a dog proof area, unless the carcass has been previously frozen or cooked.
  • Where home killing is practiced, it is recommended that the killing site be used for cutting up mutton if room permits. Otherwise use an enclosed dogproof shed.

Offal Disposal Transport

  • Transport offal in leak-proof containers with lids. The containers should be returned immediately to the killing site for washing and storage after offal disposal.

Disposal by burying.

  • Offal pits should have a dog-proof lid to prevent stray dogs gaining access.
  • If offal is buried other than in a specific offal pit, ensure it is well covered and cannot be dug up by dogs.

Disposal by burning.

  • The burner needs to be in a secure area that is dog proof, as offal/carcasses often are stockpiled before being burnt.