Hunters, Fishers, Trampers

Many people going hunting and fishing or walking on private land take dogs with them. Some common rules apply to prevent the spread of Sheep Measles by these dogs:

subpage-onthe-farm_Foreign-dogs1. If going on private land ask permission from land owner.
2. Dose all dogs with a praziquantel drug at least 48 hours or within one month prior to going.
3. Carry some evidence of treatment such as a treatment certificate or receipt from vet. Any decision to allow entry to a dog rests with the landowner.
4. Carry enough plastic bags to pick up and remove dog faeces should your dog defecate.

If you are going on public land near sheep pasture please apply the same policies to prevent the spread of sheep measles.

If you are in doubt or have questions contact Ovis Management on 0800 222 011