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Rural Contractors

Rural contractors visit numerous farms in their roles as a result any dog they have with them will also have been on a variety of farms and if a dog gets access to a dead sheep carcass on any previous farm it may be your property that becomes contaminated weeks later
Where possible contractors should not bring dogs onto sheep farms unless they are required. Those responsible for dogs with contractors should be should have clear evidence showing the dog has been treated for

subpage-dog-ownerUrban dog owners

Sheep Measles occurs when dogs have access to raw or untreated sheep or goat meat.

If taking a dog near sheep pasture the best method to ensure it is free of Sheep Measles to treat with praziquantel drugs within one month or at least 48 hours


subpage-dog-ownerHunters, Fishers, Trampers

Many people going hunting and fishing or walking on private land take dogs with them. Some common rules apply to prevent the spread of Sheep Measles by these dogs: